Francesco Di Gregorio

Born in Parma in 1985, Francesco graduated at the artistic lyceum Paolo Toschi and then enrolled at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Switzerland. From 2007 to 2009 he studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with Anders Wilhelmson and Tor Lindstrand. Once obtained his degree in 2010 with speakers Mario Botta and Aurelio Galfetti, after short apprenticeships at the studios of Oriol Bohigas in Barcelona and Arata Isozaky in Milan he collaborated with Karin Matz and Atelier Branco among others, on a national and international level. In 2012 he took part with Vanni Meozzi at "8 Giovani architetti grattano il cielo" [8 young architects scratch the sky],  exhibition curated by Casabella Laboratorio. In the same year he was invited to the exhibition "Architects meet in Selinunte - Partire Tornare Restare". He develops his design activity from the interior design up to the urban and territorial scale, with projects built in Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany and Brazil.

Since 2018 he is member of the Architectural Quality and Landscape Commission of the Municipality of Tizzano Val Parma. Francesco is also associate producer of ZID films, Italian-French film production company based in Paris.

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